3D-SHAPER® automatically computes data and generates a report with key measurements and 3D images to ease interpretation. Individual patient’s measurements are plotted on graphics showing age-related reference ranges. T-scores and Z-scores are provided to compare patient’s measurements to the young normal and to age-matched references, respectively.

A dedicated follow-up report is also provided to ensure proper monitoring of changes in bone measurements. A clear mark indicates significant changes (i.e. higher than the least significant change (LSC)) pointing out bone deterioration or regeneration in the cortex or in the trabecular compartment.

3D-SHAPER® measurements to characterize bone health

Cortical surface bone mineral density (cortical sBMD), in mg/cm2: calculated as the multiplication of the cortical thickness (in cm) by the cortical volumetric density (in mg/cm3). Cortical sBMD is associated with the strength of the cortex. The higher the cortical thickness and/or the cortical volumetric density, the higher the cortical sBMD.

Trabecular volumetric bone mineral density (trabecular vBMD), in mg/cm3: measures the mean density in the trabecular compartment. Trabecular vBMD is associated with the strength of the trabecular bone.

Integral volumetric bone mineral density (integral vBMD), in mg/cm3: measures the mean density in the integral compartment (union of cortical and trabecular). Integral vBMD is associated with the global strength of the proximal femur. All measurements are calculated at total femur.

3D-SHAPER® images

Distribution of cortical sBMD:

“Cold” = “Low”

“Hot” = “High”

Bone change monitoring:

Blue green color highlighting an increased bone cortical density

DXA Scanner Compatibility:

To meet the needs of the vast majority of physicians in daily practice, 3D-SHAPER® can process images from most manufacturers of DXA scanners currently in use. Compatible DXA scanners are listed in Table 1.

The models/brands indicated are registered trademarks of their respective owners: General Electric Healthcare (Lunar), Hologic, DMS.

3D-SHAPER® Software Introduction

Discover 3D-SHAPER® independent and automatic medical image processing software. 3D-SHAPER incorporates 3D-DXA Technology and generates a patient-specific 3D model of the hip from a standard DXA scan, extracts cortical and trabecular bone density information, and creates a full patient report with individual values plotted on reference population data curves – including examination and follow-up.

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